Team History

History of the Nevada Storm

In the spring of 2010, Women’s Full Contact Football officially arrived in Northern Nevada with the formation of the team now known as the Nevada Storm. With a roster of just six women, these visionary ladies cut their teeth in the 6’s player format against similar startup teams as they learned the subtleties of America’s favorite sport. In the spring of 2011, the Nevada Storm added six more dedicated women to their roster as they continued to sharpen their skills in the game of football. Finishing the season by winning half the games they competed in, it became obvious the Nevada Storm had something special.


The Thunder Rolls

The 2012 season proved to be a banner year for the Nevada Storm. As news of the team’s accomplishments spread throughout the community, the roster increased to twenty players, prompting the progression of the Nevada Storm into the 8’s player format of Women’s Full Contact Football. Under the direction of former Head Coach Joel Primus and former owner Jeff Leathers, the Nevada Storm became the WSFL’s Division and Regional Champions, finishing the season undefeated, with a margin of victory of 239 to 32. The program has only continued to grow from there!


The impressive achievements of the 2012 season elevated the Nevada Storm to the fore front of the people’s mind’s in Northern Nevada. Tryouts for the 2013 season have produced a preliminary roster of 32 women eager to build on the success of the previous season as the Nevada Storm joined the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) and the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) to compete in the 11’s player format. In 2014, The Storm solely competed in the WFA, only deciding to return to the IWFL in 2015.